The European Union Referendum in United Kingdom next month is a good challenge for unity in Conservative Party. In last days, David Cameron told journalists that had personal problems with Boris Jonhson because European subjects, but there are others important members of Tories, such as Michael Gove, that disagrees with the prime-minister and George Osborne. Professor Simon Griffiths of University of London told “The Democrat” that “attitudes towards Europe are the big split in the Conservative Party”. However, other problems are split the main party in Westminster. Simon Griffiths says “some Conservative members have become worried about the radicalism of Cameron and Osborne´s free market agenda in public services and welfare”.

Everyone speculate about what will be the position of David Cameron if Brexit wins the referendum. Prime-minister said many times that won´t resign from the office. For Simon Griffiths depends “on how close the vote is”, but there are two options. First, if the vote it´s close “the anti-European rebels will feel stronger and create more difficulties to Cameron”. Second, if it´s a convincing win for the pro-European, then “prime-minister will feel vindicated”.

The result of European Union Referendum in 23 of June it is also important for Boris Jonhson. The former Mayor of London and one of main figures inside Conservative Party want to be next leader after David Cameron and win general election in 2020. If Brexit loose, Johnson might have some problems against other candidates from David Cameron´s inner circle, particularly if George Osborne want to become leader. However Boris Johnson has a great support from “Conservative Members of Parliament and party members around the country”. Simon Griffiths says “they are much more anti-European than the population as a whole”. Boris Jonhson shouldn´t have problems to find support for the leadership.