The last results in Scotland election put Jeremy Corbyn leadership in trouble, but the victory of Sadi Khan in London is a good result for Labour. Professor of University of Exeter, Richard Toye, told “The Democrat”, that “both are long-term significance, but the Scottish problem symbolizes a catastrophic, long-term decline”.

In less than a year, Corbyn never managed to get positive results for the party. Since September 2015, many members of Labour criticized his leadership. Richard Toye says “i´m genuinely not sure he can unify the party, because he needs to reach out more to his opponents”.

The EU referendum is a big test for David Cameron but also for Jeremy Corbyn. Both are against the vote to leave European Union. If United Kingdom still in EU after 23rd of June, the winner will be only David Cameron. Professor of University of Exeter says “Jeremy Corbyn hasn´t put enough effort into Referendum campaign to claim victory”. However, if british population choose Brexit, Labour party leader “will take part of the blame”, together with David Cameron.