The professor of the University of Rome gives a interview to The Democrat about the problems of coordination in Europe in the recent migration crisis.

How do you describe the answer of Europe to the migration crisis?

Every country has its own line, unity isn´t easily obtained because European Union is not been able to create a decision, to impose it in the other countries. Within the individual countries, for example Italy, the line followed is uncertain, normally extremely disorder with practical effects which are absolutely deplorable. The unpreparedness of politicians and the population gives place to these types of reactions. At the present, European policies for migration are not efficient.

Which are the good examples in Europe?

The northern countries are extremely welcoming with the immigrants. In Norway, they hold courses to the migrants to learn how women are seeing by the western societies and the social manners in Europe. The southern countries are less organized

There is a lack of conversation between Europe, Arab countries and Turkey to answer this situation?

Arab countries are two different things. They are African countries relatively more reasonable with us and Arabian part of Asia, which is absolutely unattainable as a partner. Geopolitically, Turkey has in its own hands an enormous power because they have 3 million migrants and it´s the door separating Asia and Europe.

Who is responsible for the negative reaction to the migrants in some countries?

The most delicate element is the people. Most of citizens in Europe are unprepared, because such type of transformation has to be prepared. Events like Conferências do Estoril are important to respond to the problem.

How long the situation will last in Europe?

It depends on proportion between the Muslim migration, the Muslim community which is going to get form in Europe as a consequence of migration and other flows of migrations which taken place over history, and the local Christian based communities in Europe. If the proportion is going to be an advantage for the Muslim community, Europe will be Islamized in 20-30 years. In my opinion, this is obvious evidence, not a subject or debate.