Member of the House of Lords, Lord David Hannay of Chiswick gives an interview to The Democrat about the hung parliament that took place after the general election.

What are the main challenges of Theresa May in this term?

The government was endorsed by the parliament, but is in a precarious situation because there may be times when neither DUP nor the Conservative MP´s fully support the proposals.

It´s possible to have stability during the Brexit negotiations?

There is a lot of disagreement within the government about the details of the negotiations. It is a problematic situation like the opposition of Labour Party. Tensions take place within and between parties.

What position is Theresa May´s leadership after the election?

The prime-minister´s position is far from secure because of the dissatisfaction.

The results of the general election gave more power to the two main parties?

Labour and Conservatives have a better proportion of seats in parliament and popular vote but for most people Conservatives did not win the elections and Labour is far from forming a government.