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In a short conversation with The Democrat, professor of the Pazmany Peter Catholic University in Hungary, Dóra Gyorffy, explains what are the dangers of populism in Europe, criticizing the result of Brexit and the election of Donald Trump.

Which political targets populist movements achieved in Europe?

I don’t think populist movement achieved their goals anywhere. However, for Greece it was tragic and in Hungary destroyed the democracy.

Which signs of populism remains in Eastern Europe?

After the fall of communism there was a high hope with the lots of achieves such as democracy, standards of living and also with the accession of European Union but many people was left behind. Some promises have not been fulfilled. The financial crisis made this even more likely.

What are the main connections of populist movements in Europe?

Most far-right and far-left parties have strong ties with Russia. The second big factor is the rise of social media which gives voice to this ideas but it´s very important the authoritarian system learn to use the social media much better than the liberal-democracy. Democracies have to fight back and find a way to counter these trends.

What is the best argument against populism speech?

It is necessary to expose the danger of populism because they are praying for crisis and uncertainty. External factors really shape their movements.

What are the main problems of Brexit and election of Donald Trump for Western democracies?

Brexit and election of Donald Trump are types of populism because don´t respect any institutional constraint. Trump is trying to follow Viktor Orban but American institutions still very strong.